Soowan Lee
   Jintae Cho
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   Jongseop Yun
   Seongkyu Lee
   Hyun-soo Jeong
   Albert Kang
   Changyoung Kim
   Heekyoung Kim
   Sungmoo Koh
   Junghoon Kim
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School of Law, Seoul National University (LL.B., 1983)
Graduate School of Law, Seoul National University (LL.M., Patent Law, 1985)
Judicial Training & Research Institute (1987)
School of Law, University of Washington (LL.M., Patent Law, 1994)
Advanced Industrial Strategy Program Course, Seoul National University (2000)
Admitted to Korean bar (1987)
Koreana Patent & Law Firm (Legal Counsel, 1987-1994)
Saewon Patent & Law Firm (Representative, 1995-1998)
Admitted to New York State bar (1996)
Judge, Patent Court (1998-2001)
Judge, Judicial Research Officer (Intellectual Property), Korean Supreme Court (2001-2003)
Vice-president of KPAA (Korea Patent Attorney Association, 2005-2006, 2007-2010)
AIP Patent & Law Firm (2003-present)
Legal Counsel of Overseas IP Protection Center of KIPO (2007-2010)
"Study on Interpretation of Patent Claims," LL.M. Thesis, Seoul National University
"Patent Infringement by Improvement Invention in USA and Korea," LL.M. Thesis, University of Washington
"Theory and Practice of Patent Litigation,"
"Interpretation of Patent Claims"
"Trademark Use and Infringement," etc.
All aspects of Intellectual Property Procurement and Enforcement including
Patents/Trademarks/Design/Copyrights/Trade Secrets/Unfair Competition
IP Litigation/Licensing